1. Ο/Η aufheber λέει:

    «The Big Screen»

    Life doesn’t fit on the big screen
    And I’m just a bit part in the scene
    Sitting in the dark in the back row
    Nobody’s watching me
    The lights all come on
    And life carries on
    I still love you
    On the big screen
    Ohh, on the big screen

    This won’t turn out like the movies
    Cause actors wash off their bruises
    Believing all the madness
    We’re over the gallows they nailed me on
    They cut from the scene
    And wake from the dream
    And I still love you
    On the big screen
    Ohh, on the big screen

    The big screen’s aflame with desire
    While we’re fighting fire with fire
    What did I just say?
    Nobody to care of carry me home
    The plans that we make
    The last serenade
    The roles that we take
    The electric parade
    I still love you
    On the big screen
    Ooh, on the big screen

  2. Ο/Η aufheber λέει:

    πώς να φτιάχνεις εικόνες με τις λέξεις; (ή λέξεις με τις εικόνες;) /

    την καλησπέρα μας


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